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Kids and Youth Classes

Encouraging regular physical activity for children and youth is essential for establishing health lifelong habits. Physical activity can include a variety of movements and exercises such as sports, dance, walking, running, monkey bars, slides, tobogganing etc. In my experience with children and youth I find that they love to be challenged and they love to explore what they can do. I offer a variety of physical activity classes for children and youth through programs such as Ever Active Kids and Generation Pound. I am also a Personal Fitness Trainer with a diploma in Personal Fitness Training from NAIT. During my studies I have learned how to train children and youth and how help them develop and grow as athletes while still allowing them to be kids.

Generation POUND

Generation POUND is the perfect social distancing activity for KIDS and YOUTH. It is a youth-oriented program that fuses movement and music to improve physical fitness, focus, communication, teamwork, coordination, athletic skill and more! Using Ripstix, lightly weighted drumsticks, kids will learn alternative ways to explore movement, embrace their creativity and ROCK OUT - ultimately building strength, confidence and self-awareness.

Classes can be single event or week-long residencies.

maximum 55 students

All RipStix provided and will be cleaned prior to class.


$350 for half school day*

$625 for full school day*

$2450 for partial school week (4 days)*

$3000 for full school week (5 days)*

*30 minutes prior to and after scheduled start and end times will be required for setup and take down

GST not included

Ever Active Kids

Ever Active Kids is a certification offered through the Alberta Provincial Fitness Unit and covers a wide variety of programming.

Instructors provide age-appropriate games and drills to help further develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. Classes with consist of different paces and lots of multi-directional movement and fun. Games will be used to help kids explore and have fun.

Classes can be custom designed based on the age of your group and the focused skill.


$60 for 30 min*

$100 for 60 min*

Due to the unique nature and flexibility of class design, requirements and requests please contact for exact pricing

*basic skill development for pre-designed programs based on age and access to facility equipment

GST not included

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