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How to improve your performance in LIFE

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The days are getting shorter and it is getting colder and colder outside. The pandemic is still everywhere you look and listen and sometimes you think “F@ck this! I AM DONE!” I know I have those moments more and more these days. It seems to be getting harder and harder to see the bright side (or at least less dark side) of almost anything. For me, it is harder to stay motivated to be active and not focus on the crappy parts of my day. I am currently coming out of a brief but recent funk where I was asking myself “what is the point?” Why should I exercise, start a new business, finish school, try and start some group classes with my facility STILL CLOSED! I was (and still am sometimes) really frustrated. But then I got a reminder that it was time to write some blog posts and I opened up my working file on my rapidly dying computer and found an idea that I started writing at the beginning of the summer…when things were going great despite COVID.

The idea was about how to improve your performance in life. WOW! What a perfect time for me to revisit this. As I am sitting here writing this I can hear myself say “Amy! That is so much easier said than done!”, and maybe it is, but the key point I/we need to remember is to be patient; take our time; and that everyday doesn’t have to be awesome but there is awesome in every day.

So you’re probably wondering how does she propose I improve my performance in my life. Well, over the next few posts I will be expanding on the ideas that I originally wrote down (typed). The list isn’t profound or earth shattering. It is simple.

Tips to improving your performance in LIFE

1. Keeps things interesting by trying new things daily.

2. Take time to yourself.

3. Get daily physical activity.

4. Eat the rainbow!

5. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

6. Test yourself.

See, it’s a simple list, and as mentioned, over the next few posts I will go into each of these a little deeper. I will expose some of the things I struggle with and tricks that I use to help me live a fuller life, the best way I know how, while still trying to improve it.

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